Help wanted

I maintain this project in my spare time, and I no longer have been able to answer all questions and address all feedback that I receive. Nevertheless, I still think that F3’s users can stop flash counterfeiters, but I need a little bit of help to keep moving forward. How can you help?

  • If F3 has helped you, consider signaling this to other users staring F3 on GitHub. The larger the number of stars a project has, the more confident new users are to try it out.
  • If you know a journalist, or are one, suggest to him or her writing an article about fake flash. The media has not been covering this subject, and having more users aware that fake flash exists will make counterfeiters’ life harder.
  • If you own fake flash, consider donating them to me. I’ve been working on f3probe to tell in a few seconds if a flash drive is fake or not. I expect that f3probe will be a game changer, but I lack a diverse set of fake flash samples to check my hypotheses. Before you mail me the card, e-mail me the output you got from f3write, f3read, and (if possible) f3probe as well as the size the card was expected to be; I’m trying to amass a diverse set of fake flash, not necessarily a large number of them.
  • If you know how to use F3 well on your platform, write a blog entry about it, and let me know the link so I can post it on this page. You can also send me your name and e-mail to publish on this page as someone that can help other users of your platform.
  • (New) If you have a dual-boot machine with Windows and Linux, write a blog entry that compares h2testw, f3write/f3read, FakeFlashTest.exe, and f3probe. If you do this comparison, please send me the link to publish it on this page.
  • If you are able to test F3 on your platform, send me your name and e-mail, and I’ll send to you a request to test new code when it is available on GitHub before I release it as stable to everyone. I only have Linux boxes, so other platforms are specially helpful.
  • If you are able to code, improve F3. I want to keep the code small to easily audit it, so focus on things that will either address a real need, for example, users’ requests, or to simplify the code, or fix bugs, or make F3 work on a new platform, or improve the documentation. If you want, I can list your contact on this page as well, so people can reach out to you directly.
  • If you know how to code a graphic user interface, please create one for the platforms you can. This would increase the number of users that, in turn, would win ground against the counterfeiters. I’ll add a link to your application on this page.
  • Tell your friends about F3, teach them how to use it, publish a video about F3, find ways to help me to better organize our efforts, spread the word, ask for your money back when you buy a fake drive, etc.

I’ve originally implemented F3 to address a personal need, but you have turned it into a great tool. Let’s work closer to bring it to the next level!


The Git repository is kept here.


Michel Machado. E-mail me at michel at digirati dot com dot br.

Please try to figure out the solution for your question on your own, or ask for help from a nearby friend before you e-mail me. My spare time is very limited. For reporting bugs, requesting features, and making suggestions, open an issue on GitHub here to allow other users to help me.